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Dibble is terrible. Just because Sutton and Darling were even more terrible doesn’t make Dibble any better. When he roots for the Nats and says «we» and «us», it honestly comes off as insincere. Why don you call thier suggested dry cleaning establishment (or others in the city) instead of hoping to get a response on a reddit page from a stranger?»Or if im royally fucked and I have to ship it to toronto and wait for what is probably gonna take weeks, if i ship it to CG. » Which would clearly indicate that they gave me either the option of shipping it to them for cleaning, or leave town to go to a certified dry cleaner.AnD maYbE bEcAuSe OthER pEOple oWN mY coAT TOOAnd that I may find someone that actually offers advice, rather than questioning my motives as to why I on the fucking internet. Last time I checked, you don pay for my internet sir.

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