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For example, head trauma, repetitive head injuries and subconcussive blows in NFL athletes may contribute to the onset of pathologies that eventually lead to certain neurologic conditions, the researchers said. Football players’ larger overall size and greater body mass index, which renders them more susceptible to hypertension and sleep apnea, can also be contributors, the researchers added.For their analysis, the researchers used vital statistics obtained from two national databases the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health for information on NFL players and the Lahman Baseball Database of MLB players, an index combining data on MLB and predecessor leagues no longer in existence. The researchers then cross referenced death outcomes from these two databases with information obtained from the National Death Index, a federal database that tracks causes of death occurring within the United States.Past research has compared health status and mortality outcomes between professional football players and the general population, but such comparisons are inherently flawed because football players are overall healthier than members of the general population.

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