At 12:26 7th Feb 2011, Mungo wrote: Deer of nearly all species

can’t live without them

I’m being overly simplistic (as you’ll see when I give more substance to what the studies say below) but it’s another one of those all too common paradoxes that keep appearing when we discuss man’s relationship with wildlife.

canada goose clearance So what is the substance? The first report argues that hill walkers in the Scottish Highlands are affecting the behaviour of red deer. A few deer in some remote Scottish mountains. But the area monitored one track in Glen Lui is used by 20,000 walkers each year. So multiply that by the number of tracks across the Highlands (and the rest of the UK for that matter) and factor in the large growth in hill walking’s popularity in recent years and you have a bit of a problem. canada goose clearance

So, deer. can’t live with them. But what about without them? In the unlikely event that we do our utmost to avoid them, the deer would be fine. But would we? The other study suggests not.

We’re not talking Armageddon here but if we let deer densities get too high then, the study suggests, we risk adversely affecting agriculture, forestry, road traffic and human and livestock health. That means potentially more deer vehicle collisions, more damage to woodland, declining woodland bird numbers and greater danger of bovine TB amongst other things.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale We aren’t overly blessed with large mammals in this country. As canada goose outlet online uk studies like these show, it’s a difficult balancing act co habiting with them, on what canada goose outlet england is a small, cramped island. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Comment number 1. At 22:18 4th Feb 2011, rimo wrote: As none of our deer species are rare, and in fact have to be culled in many areas, and are in the process of changing the nature of our woodlands by eating out the understory and new saplings, I can live with disturbance causing them a small drop in fecundity.

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Comment number 2. At 13:34 5th Feb 2011, andyfromedinburgh wrote: Agree with 1. I am not sure the canada goose outlet black friday sale point of either study as they appear to be minor peturbations on the larger issue of overgrazing and lack of regeration and reductions in biodiversity. Even casual walks in Scotland will show how fencing allows regeneration even of slower growing trees in apparently empty landscapes.

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Comment number 3. At 16:37 5th Feb 2011, Peter Hood wrote: In keeping with the new effort to eradicate the mink (released by those idiots in ALF, who presumably had not thought through the damage they have had on otter, vole and other native populations), it is now well past time to eradicate the Chinese Muntjac deer (perhaps they can be sold as venison), which has a deleterious effect on wildlife in this country. There is now a long list of imported species, flora and fauna, with negative effects, two of the most startling being the Japanese knotweed and the American signal crayfish. Solve these problems and the natives will be happier, including deer. More than that, pre emptive measures to keep such things out would be a spectacularly good idea, even if we would not notice the difference between non introduction and what might be if introduction of an alien species went ahead.

Anyone for Bodmin cats?

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Comment number 4. At 12:10 6th Feb 2011, ArtemesiaEloise wrote: KZwert has said it all, and far better than I could!

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Comment number 5. At 13:48 6th Feb 2011, Harriet wrote: I don’t think having walking paths through make that much difference. I live in a house in the lake district and all my life, almost every night about 20 or so deer come out into the canada goose outlet field across from my house, they aren’t bothered if I’m outside or around, and are little effected by the cars going past next to the field.

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canada goose uk shop Comment number 6. At 12:26 7th Feb 2011, Mungo wrote: Deer of nearly all species are both dangerous and destructive. Where I live in the US we have a large resident population in town, thanks to parks, greenways, and large back gardens filled with tasty plants. I was almost attacked by an aggressive male in my own yard this year during rutting season. I love animals, but deer should be culled, especially those in residential areas where they present a hazard. If they breed less due to contact with humans, so much the better, though they seem to have adapted very well around here. canada goose uk shop

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Comment number 7. At 15:11 7th Feb 2011, Lusitani wrote: Ermm reintroduce natural predators that got extinct in the meantime.

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cheap canada goose uk Comment number 8. At 17:23 7th Feb 2011, IfImay wrote: The first HYS, I’ve encountered not, as yet anyway, to be ruined by shear nonsensical statements. Definitely remove all non natives, but where to start or rather end it? Little Owl? well that does seem to have found a niche that lay un or under exploited by native species, the rabbit perhaps, no to much of our landscape is reliant on them now. cheap canada goose uk

But Munt jack, mink, coypu, hogweed, rhododendron certainly, Sika, Fallow, chinese water et al.

As for predator reintroduction, has my wholehearted support, we know we can reintroduce if done correctly. There are a few islands with culled red deer populations that would make a good testing ground.

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uk canada goose outlet Comment number 9. At 09:52 9th Feb 2011, ARGH wrote: The best solution would be a mass cull of humanity. Starting with the type of people who think their life is somehow more valuable than other living things. Do you think a thousand deer do as much damage as a single human being? The amount canada goose online uk of disposable nappies wasted on a single baby would do more damage than a canada goose outlet parka herd of deer could in decades. What gives you the right to decide whether canada goose outlet something else deserves to live or not? uk canada goose outlet

Canada Goose Jackets I remember hearing about a nice man in Germany in the 30s and 40s who had a similar idea about making the world a better place by culling those whose lives he considered less valuable than his own people’s and who in his eyes were just animals and destructive pests Canada Goose Jackets.