Bill said people are shocked when he tells them

A great back, I watched him up close in person, Gordon said of Lindsay. Last few days I been watching film on him, just kind of seeing how they open things up for him and analyzing him a bit. I think we can be a great one two punch. Bill McDonough when talking about Ford Rouge Center, the world’s largest brownfield reclamation project. Bill then talked about things the company is doing today like creating powerful, cleaner burning turbo engines, lighter cars and he promises to double the number of flex fuel vehicles from Ford in just a few years. Bill said people are shocked when he tells them about all this and that they ask him to be more vocal..

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Liverpudlians are English, they’re from the north west but they are SCOUSE. People born and raised in Dallas are American, we’re from the south but we are TEXAN! Our supporters group here in Dallas even sing, along with a bit of Scouse wit: «We only hate Mancs, and maybe some Yanks. Texas Scousers , we mostly hate Mancs!».

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