But after legendary former linebacker Junior Seau

If the Vikings go 11 5 but Green Bay wins the division, the Vikings might need a little help to make the playoffs as a wild card. That’s because the Rams (8 5) have been on a roll and would win a tiebreaker if both teams finish 11 5 which probably would be the final playoff spot since the division loser of 49ers/Seattle could have at least 12 wins and/or a tiebreaker edge and get the No. 5 seed..

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The Patriots are the defending champions and were favourites to repeat after they picked up some extra attacking weapons in the off season and had Rob Gronkowski return from injury. A heavy loss on opening night to the Kansas City Chiefs brought them back to earth but since then it been a typically Patriots season they gone 13 3 and have won their last five matches. They downed Tennessee in dominant fashion in the first week of the playoffs and qualified for the Super Bowl courtesy of a comeback win over Jacksonville in the AFC Championship game..

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