Coaches being damagedThe matter was first raised by Independent

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best hermes replica handbags They are not being cut back [between September 1 and the end of February]. If they were cut back properly we wouldn’t be here year in year out listening to people about birds.»Birds best hermes evelyne replica aren’t the problem, it’s people with bird brains who are the problem. If somebody used the intelligence God gave them and got the hedges cut back at the right time of the year, there would be no need for this ‘us versus the birds’ saga that goes on and on every year,» he claimed.Coaches being damagedThe matter was first raised by Independent councillor Christy Hyland who said that coach operators were refusing to go to some locations because trees and hedges were damaging their coaches and that this was impacting on local tourism.»The Wild Atlantic Way is a fantastic success but there are coaches whose drivers will not go down [certain roads] due to access and overgrown verges and trees and grass margins. best hermes replica handbags

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