First quarter Moon on March 13 is thus excellent news

George VI Ice Shelf is the largest ice shelf on the western side of the Antarctic Peninsula and its northern margin marks the southern most latitudinal limit of recent ice shelf retreat. At Ablation Point steroids, on the east coast of Alexander Island, the ice shelf impounds two epishelf lakes: Moutonne and Ablation. These lakes are tidal, stratified water bodies with a lower marine layer that extends under the ice shelf and an upper freshwater layer whose maximum thickness is determined by the draught of the ice shelf.

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Queen’s students decided to change that and open their own «garage» on campus. They pitched the idea to the Queen’s Innovation Connector, a joint initiative by the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science and Queen’s School of Business, who agreed to partner with them and support their project. The result, SparQ Labs in Beamish Munro Hall, is the first «makerspace» on a Canadian university campus where students can work on their projects and share resources and knowledge..

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steroid For the Southern Hemisphere steroids, keep an eye out for the Gamma Normids steroids, too! While they are similar to sporadic meteors, they are known to sometimes make a sharp jump in fall rate on either side of their peak time. IMO suggests: «Post midnight watching yields best results, when the radiant is rising to a reasonable elevation from southern hemisphere sites. First quarter Moon on March 13 is thus excellent news, as it will set before midnight.» Again steroids, the hourly rate is slow, but look for one about every 20 minutes. steroid

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