From games of patty cake (the more manly term would

CBS will refinance Ten existing debt, including a $200 million loan to Commonwealth Bank and guarantor fees of about $30 million owed to James Packer, Mr Murdoch and Mr Gordon, and will implement a deed of company arrangement, according to KordaMentha. Creditors will be given the chance to vote on the deal at the second creditors meeting. CBS will also provide «immediate financial support to ensure continuity of operations» at Ten.

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This isn’t worth it folks. You’re Republican. You should stand up for liberty instead of allowing the governor to turn our state into California.». Now we know what it takes to bring our countries leaders together, a great lesson in cooperation. In a time when so much more newsworthy things are happening around the country and world, this pastime can take our minds off of our problems by creating a whole new batch of things to worry about. What a lesson in what is important.

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Rancourt pense que le Tour de Beauce pourrait pr en septembre. On va regarder des dates dans la p du Tour d’Espagne [14 ao au 6 septembre] avant d’abandonner, a t il indiqu Il faudra voir avec le calendrier du World Tour. On se donne encore quelques semaines avant de prendre une d finale selon l’ de la pand et des fen de disponibilit Il va y avoir un jeu de dominos qui va se produire.

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