I do choose to randomly eat select fish or seafood

The Cowboys, who finished 14th on the NRL ladder last season, are keen to build cohesion through the spine this season. After Ben Barba was sacked in the pre season, the Cowboys churned through four fullbacks, five different five eighths and three halfbacks thanks to a combination of injury, form and representative duties. The most stable position was at hooker, where Jake Granville played all but one game.

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Strengths: Moves smoothly and fast. Loose hips and footwork to move around the field. Has the acceleration to flash from backside and close down running lanes. This time last year Norwich were top of the Championship and I wrote a glowing piece in this paper about how bullish we could afford to be having seemingly avoided the relegation hangover that engulfs so many teams when they drop out of the Premier League. It was a trap I should not have fallen in to. This division is at its most cruel when anyone starts to believe their own publicity.

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