«I hope you rot in hell,» Patricia Basden screamed

The Pakaraima Mountain Safari was done during the Easter weekend and was followed by a Pre Emancipation Savannah Drive to several Amerindian villages on the Linden Highway. He said that another «drive» is expected in September to Moraikobai.Another Safari that is scheduled for November is headed to the South Rupununi while the village will be having its annual Expo.He expounded on the fact that the Safaris give locals an opportunity to view the country’s true beauty. Singh questioned, «How many of you have ever seen a Carib?» He clarified that, «The entire Caribbean is named after the Caribs and today there are no canada goose Caribs in the Caribbean, there are however in Region One in Guyana, so the chance is out there for a river Safari.»He is therefore urging «those who love the outdoors and adventure and nature, to join this and the other safaris» that they have planned.

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