It didn’t, almost as though what was happening out in the Gulf

Unfortunately, Jimmy was long on rhetoric and short on performance and canada goose he got eaten up. I am sick of hearing/reading about how Hillary voted for Iraq and Obama did not: (1) Obama never had the opportunity because he was a state senator and (2) because he did not have the opportunity he did not get to hear the Bush «a vote against Iraq will be percieved as non support for our troops» crap (I was one of those troops on the Kuwaiti border with Iraq and then got to spend two more tours in Iraq and one more in Djibouti). We really need to think about this one closely Hillary Clinton is the real deal and Obama a wordsmith.

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uk canada goose They all failed until the containment cap put in place ten days ago finally plugged the leak. N n n nFor several weeks after the spill began, everyone on the coast kept waiting for oil to hit land. It didn’t, almost as though what was happening out in the Gulf was a false alarm or some unnerving parallel universe. uk canada goose

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