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Here, we had the chance to ask real world, adolescent schoolchildren questions across a wide range of behavioral, academic, social, and physiological measures,» Mednick said.Predictably, she added, more students sleep during the day, the greater the benefit of naps on many of these measures. The findings don’t prove cause and effect, the researchers said they may offer an alternative to the outcry from pediatricians and public health officials for later school start times.midday nap is easily implemented, and it costs nothing, said Liu, particularly if accompanied by a slightly later end to the day, to avoid cutting into educational time. Only will this help the kids, but it also takes away time for screen use, which is related to a lot of mixed outcomes.

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buy canada goose jacket Learn More Debit Card Payments It is now possible to pay KCPL library fees with your credit or debit card, either online (through the library catalog) or in person at the Main Library in Charleston, the Cross Lanes Branch Library and the St. Albans Branch Library. More Info Meeting Rooms Most Kanawha County Public Library locations have meeting rooms available for use by individuals and organizations. buy canada goose jacket

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