Over the weekend, the Los Angeles Times reported the

MORE: OREGON’S REOPENING STARTS MAY 15Though some previously closed businesses including furniture stores, art galleries, jewelry shops and boutiques will be allowed to open May 15, restaurants and bars will have to wait for their counties to get approval from the state to reopen. Starting Friday, each of Oregon’s 36 counties can submit plans demonstrating that they can meet various public health criteria for reopening, including declining levels of COVID 19 hospital admissions, minimum levels of testing and contact tracing capacity and more. Businesses unable to operate under those restrictions will be limited to takeout and delivery..

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Over the past few weeks, the draft has gone through multiple permutations the coronavirus continued to spread across the world and through the country. The draft was originally slated to be held in Las Vegas, and the NFL initially canceled all public events surrounding the draft. Over the weekend, the Los Angeles Times reported the draft would be held as a studio show..

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