Personal experience in China was okay

The TS 2000 is a great V/U rig but the HF receiver and feature set is quite dated and was never exactly amazing.The 7300 USB capability has the significant handicap of that crappy waterfall on the PC (at least IMO). For some users it probably isn an issue, but it has an abysmal refresh rate compared to just about any other panadapter I ever used. It very choppy, so while it ok for typical digital mode work, it hasn won many fans in the contesting world.

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fake hermes belt vs real Whether the employer can take them versus employee allowed to receive is two different things.I tried to leave my change at a Starbucks inside a grocery store. They told me they weren allowed. I got back like.40, didn want it. Personal experience in China was okay. I was never mistreated by the police or government. However, one year was enough for me, but this was mainly due to my work situation fake hermes belt vs real.