Prevention of edema in long flights with Pycnogenol

Credit: Daniel Gutman/IPSBy Daniel GutmanBUENOS AIRES, Jan 21 2019 (IPS)Our philosophy is based on two principles: zero tolerance of pesticides or bosses, says Leandro Ladr, while he puts tomatoes and carrots in the ecological bag held by a customer, in a large market in the Argentine capital, located between warehouses and rusty old railroad cars.Leandro and Malena Vecellio are a young couple who come every Saturday to the Galpn de la Mutual Sentimiento, a wooden building with a sheet metal roof used by farmers and social organisations for products to be sold in the social economy, located in the Chacarita neighborhood, on the grounds of one of Buenos Aires main railway stations.In the Galpn, family farmers sell their organic, pesticide free products four times a week, with a share of their sales being discounted to pay the rent.»We hand pick everything. It’s a lot of work and takes patience. A broccoli plant with agrochemicals is ready in a month, ours take several months to grow.

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