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Like i said, it wasn illegal for anyone to bring up concerns about a large number of jobs being lost. It would be going against the law to NOT consider them, as it a part of the AG role. Had she answered with something more concrete than «i decided» this wouldn have gone on for so long.

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canada goose outlet montreal Reacting to Mr. Paswan’s remark, JD(U) leader and party spokesperson Nikhil Mandal said, «Only Nitish Kumar will be the face of the NDA in the next Assembly elections in the State and it has been accepted even by the top BJP leaders.» Party leader and chief spokesperson Sanjay Singh too asked Mr. Kumar as the CM candidate in the next Assembly polls, JD(U) had released its revised slogan «Kyon kare vichar, jab hain hi Nitish Kumar (Why should we mull over, when there is Nitish Kumar).» Earlier, the slogan was «kyon kare vichar, thike to hain Nitish Kumar (why should we discuss over when it’s okay to have Nitish Kumar) but they revised it when the media raised questions over the word «Thike» (just okay) canada goose outlet montreal.