The ECC discussed various components of the policy

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cheap jerseys It also discussed the Mobile Device Manufacturing Policy as proposed by the Ministry of Industries and Production with the objectives of technology acquisition and localization of mobile devices through local investment, joint ventures, foreign direct investment; creation of 200,000 direct and indirect jobs, price reduction for consumers, increase in digitization through supporting 4G/5G technologies, development of efficient manufacturing eco system, exports of competitively manufactured handsets and achievement of security objectives. The ECC discussed various components of the policy and approved it in principle with instructions to the Ministry of Industries and Production to further fine tune its various features and incentives for promoting localization and research and development leading to export of mobile phones. The ECC also considered and approved a proposal by the Ministry of National Food Security and Research for release of 35 wholesale jerseys ,000 metric tons of wheat from the PASSCO to the Azad Jammu and Kashmir government at a cost of Rs1.52 billion, including cost of wheat and incidental charges, to be paid 50 per cent by the federal government from the stimulus package announced to fight against Covid 19.. cheap jerseys

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