The only thing different is that Obama didn’t bother

Our country is being ripped apart by people who foment fear and distrust. Why? Because who wants to buy a book or listen to a speech that doesn paint one group as right, just, morally superior, and another as evil, loathsome and hell bent on destroying America? It sells and these people are cashing checks because of the hatred and fear they create. I like to think that cooler heads will prevail but I have serious doubts.

canada goose outlet canada goose uk sale black friday Follow CNNMore than 11 weeks after Flight 370 dropped off radar screens over Southeast Asia on a scheduled flight to Beijing, officials in charge of the hunt are drawing a line through the ping centered search and moving on to the next phase.Where does the search go next?The underwater search area guided by the pings covered more than 850 square kilometers (330 square miles).That’s roughly the size of West Virginia.»The search will be a major undertaking,» the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) said this week. «The complexities and challenges involved are immense, but not impossible.»The underwater search will remain in the same overall region, as officials are basing their focus on an analysis of satellite, radar and other data that concludes the plane ended up somewhere along an arc stretching into the southern Indian Ocean.»Now clearly, we were hoping that the pings would narrow that broad area down to a narrow one, but that has not been the case, and now we have to unfortunately go the long road,» Thomas told CNN.Will they start searching the new area immediately?No. In fact, it hasn’t yet been fully mapped out.The ATSB said this week that it’s reviewing existing information from experts in order to refine the new zone.Meanwhile, a specialized Chinese ship, the Zhu Kezhen, has begun mapping the ocean floor in some areas already picked out by the ATSB. canada goose uk sale black friday

canada goose outlet woodbury For the 94% of us, or even the 47% of us who have figured it out long ago, they mattered little. The only thing different is that Obama didn’t bother to show up for the first dog and pony show and that permanently set him behind. I took it as an insult to those of us who support him. canada goose outlet woodbury

canada goose clearance uk Why is that cause we are such a christian nation with values above all other countries out there. Jesus said this on his last day, you neglected to do unto one of these least of these, you neglected to do unto Me. And yet as this christian nation heads into the holiday season we stand not what I can do for my neighbor but he is turing us into a socialist country.. canada goose clearance uk

canada goose black friday Theme of Obeying EldersThe ‘Flight of Icarus’ emphasises the magnitude of the respect of elders and self control. Daedalus instructs Icarus to persist at a medium altitude to evade the ocean spray clogging his wings or for the sun to deliquesce the wax that held his wings together. During their flight, however, Icarus becomes transfixed with the sun and begins to soar towards which ultimately transpired in his death.. canada goose black friday canada goose outlet netherlands If you dreamed that you couldn’t find your car, this type of dream represents negativity in your life. You are upset and unhappy with the way your life is going at the point. This car dream may also symbolize direction. Netanyahu had better hurry, lest others out flatter him. I hear China is already negotiating an agreement under which the United States would import all Chinese goods tariff free in exchange for China naming a section of its Great Wall the Donald J. Trump Great Wall of China. canada goose outlet netherlands

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canada goose repair shop I believe as the government, particularly, the current administration takes over control of more of our live by telling us what to to in practically every instance, we are giving up more of of privacy. We have in place a budding state which tries to control what we do with our lives. It starts with the NEA teaching our kids that they are not responsible (a liberal tenet) and goes on to what we eat, what we drive, where we live, who we talk to and every facet of our lives canada goose repair shop.