We usually try to make sure we have enough staff for

VARSITY BLUES (1999): Kind of Friday Night Lights lite, but with a heck of a great young cast star James Van Der Beek (Dawson Creek) went nowhere, but there was also Paul Walker, Ali Larter, Scott Caan and Amy Smart. (And I abashed for remembering an infamous cream bikini scene). Plus Jon Voight, playing the sadistic, villainous local hero coach for all it worth..

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Offensively, the Bears are also beginning to exude confidence. Darren Baker currently leads the Pac 12 in runs scored, notching 12 in his first eight starts. Furthermore, junior slugger Quentin Selma was named the Pac 12 Player of the Week for his four game.407 batting average and 11 RBIs versus St.

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