You shall cooperate as fully as reasonably required

When a major corporation, especially BANKS, do it, they are too to the stability of our government. Duh? Did I miss something here? When there was regulation, those same banks were solvent, productive companies who didn off shore their customer services, and didn invest in risky policies. When the GOP led Congress and White House deregulated them, we ended up with several hundred new multimillionaires, and an economy in shambles..

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canada goose outlet canada goose outlet store uk We had to take in «Pal», when he wasn’t adopted for over a year. WE put in all the work, and nothing. We took him to every adoption event, and posted him everywhere on Facebook and adoption websites. Skins it and lays it out afterwards. Further, and probably in agreement with folks who took issue with my other post, we have invested American blood in Iraq over a very long period of time with the expectation that the people and the military would use that investment to create a stable Iraq by recognizing past failures and improving on them. But what we are seeing are people regressing to old beliefs and segregating themselves, the military just cowardly laying down their arms, the people are not rising up demanding more, and the government being corrupt and ineffective. I prefer seeing a responsible country rise up and set an example in the Middle East and they had a chance to do so. canada goose outlet store uk

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